Business Sectors


Infrastructure is a fundamental necessity for human existence, yet as an industry, it stands as one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. Our commitment to the Carbon Net Zero emissions policy lies in revolutionizing the construction of infrastructure by eliminating the use of scarce resources like water and environmentally harmful materials such as cement.

Through GIM concrete and its array of patented mixtures tailored for specific applications, we aim to make a substantial and positive impact on this industry.

Oil & Gas

Graphene's applications in the oil and gas industry have garnered significant attention in recent years, especially over the past decade. Within this evolving landscape, our pioneering work in polymer-based composites has demonstrated a remarkable reduction in the maintenance demands associated with the transportation and storage of crucial petrochemical and hazardous products. This innovation stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing safety and efficiency in this vital sector.

Energy Storage

As the world moves on to renewable sources, the energy storage sector is a top priority for GGT. With a particular focus on addressing one of the industry's most formidable challenges: Hydrogen storage. GGT has pioneered a groundbreaking technology involving Type 5 Hydrogen Storage Tanks that leverage the unique properties of graphene. This innovation eliminates the need for cryogenic hydrogen storage, marking a significant advancement in the field.


The evolution of the automobile industry, shifting from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly green fuels, has driven the search for superior alternatives to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions. Embracing advanced materials in the construction of these next-generation vehicles will decrease the reliance on carbon-intensive sectors like steel and aluminium production. Our graphene-enhanced composites, leveraging their exceptional mechanical properties, are poised to play a pivotal role in substituting these heavy carbon-emitting materials, paving the way for a greener automotive future.

Robotics & Ai

We pride ourselves to be in the forefront of the fourth revolution of Industrialization with the help of state of art Advanced Manufacturing processes, we build and supply our own manufacturing lines using our own Robots and AI algorithms.


The defence industry is in a constant state of evolution, adapting to new challenges and technologies. GGT's pioneering work in material science represents the cutting edge of advancements in this field. GGT's portfolio boasts a range of polymer-based composites that can be tailored to meet specific requirements and characteristics, making them a valuable asset in the ever-changing landscape of defence technology.


GGT's healthcare vertical emphasizes the significance of graphene and other advanced materials in revolutionizing the healthcare sector, supported by numerous research papers illustrating their potential to significantly enhance the field. The exceptional properties of graphene and other 2D materials, including superior conductivity, thermal characteristics, and other unique attributes, hold promise for expediting both diagnostic and therapeutic processes, thus laying the groundwork for transformative advances in healthcare

Space Stations

Space is the final frontier for Human Civilization, it signifies the next stage of evolution for mankind. We at GGT and it’s material science division focus on developing composite structures to resist the harsh environments of outer space.